We Not Machine Men

It‘s tough being a business person and I’m finding it’s tougher being a creative. Here’s the dilemma on the one hand you really want to create dupe work but the economics of society such as the brutal rent we paying to sleep on the hard floor kinda makes it difficult to remain a purist.

Now I’m going to stop myself from b****g because I’ve being doing quite a lot of that of late (as my business partner would confirm) but it’s so hard not to! I mean if you were in my situation how would you feel? You go to work, you study and run a business but your reward for being a good and faithful servant is; sleeping on the floor.

Yet with all this kak going on, the budgets that just won’t add up, the ass tearing rent statements we remain purist. I mean my partner confirmed this yesterday when he turned down a job at a machine man factory with a big salary to remain a creative with a salary that would make most men drink.

S & X Fights against the machine… & designs out of the circle! The box is EXTREMELY last year

I guess that what SandX represents; people that still believe that they can change the world, people who still believe that every design can be game changing. Yeah life is brutal but we keep going we still have a dream and we refuse to die machine men. Paraphrasing Charlie in the greatest speech ever uttered.

“we are not machine men with machine hearts and machine minds we are not machines we are men!”  

Checkout the speech on the link above.

Signing out,
S & X – The Rat


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