Always Be Closing (ABC)

Always be Closing NOT Always be Quoting

Always be Closing NOT Always be Quoting

So things are looking up right? I mean we got beds (after sleeping on the floor for eight months), we got a couch and I’m finally going to watch English Premier League soccer again this weekend. I should be happy right?

Then why do I still feel as miserable as I did with my first post? I guess it may have something to do with being the sales guy at SandX. There’s a saying in sales; always be closing (ABC), I’m yet to close a deal I’ve just delivered quotes many a quote. In fact my partner has changed the above saying in my case to always be quoting (ABQ).

When you believe that you should be great, you want to excel at everything even being a salesman. I might not be the best salesman around but I’m passionate about delivering concept that will stand out and challenge people.

I still believe I can change the world one quote (clearing throat) rather deal at a time. That’s what the concrete jungle has taught me: no matter how tired you are you just have to keep going forward until you become the best at it for life will never go easy on you just because you want to quit. Here’s to closing life’s deals whatever that looks like for you, for me it’s all about getting new clients, here’s to ABC (always be closing)!

The Rat signing out


PS: To view the legendary scene, please click here


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