Here’s to the ugly ones (The worst logos ever created)

I think our very own logo might be up there amongst the worst (I can see our designer giving me the death stare, and I must add he has been threatening to shot my foot for awhile and this might be the tipping point).

So what is a logo (for those who have just resurfaced since going under ground at the end of apartheid South Africa), well it is an image that is supposed to be a representation of an organization. The logo’s job is to give off the ‘feel’ or energy that depicts the organization it represents. So with that being said, it was quite detestable that I was willing to quote a logo job for R250 disrespecting the creative community in the process, but what can a man do when you are on your last Rand and there isn’t a client in sight. I’ve soon discovered that this kind of treatment of logo design inevitable lower creative standards. The poor logo design standards have been brought about by swarms of people claiming falsely to be designers exploiting the ignorance is bliss mindset held by many clients in the creative field.

With that being said there are some big corporations with loads of money with some awful logos, and this blog post is about celebrating them. I have my top five count down below I’d welcome your feedback your top ten might be different to mine.

So here’s to the ugly ones the ones that bring frowns to our faces, the ones where the finance department clearly over ruled the creative department, the ones with cause us to murmur really they thought it was good!


This cost 40 000 pounds WOW!

This cost 40 000 pounds WOW!


Talk about sending the wrong message

Talk about sending the wrong message


Toothache anyone?

Toothache anyone?


That's a good boy!

That’s a good boy!


What were they thinking?

What were they thinking?






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