What Makes a Good Ad

So we’ve just invested in a R550 top listing advert at Junk Mail and because of the financial implications we decided that this ad had to be our best one yet. I mean not just funny but stupidly funny as I jokingly put it, R550 is a lot of money to two broke inspired artists with nothing but a dream.

This got me thinking, big corporations spend millions of Rands every year on some of the most ridiculous ads. I’ll throw in an example; MAC washing powder. Remember the television ad where you have someone washing their clothes with MAC washing powder and when they hung their clothing up everyone who walked past had to wear sunglasses because it was so ‘bright’. Now television ads are very expensive and for a company to willingly spend that much money on something so uninspiring and unimaginative perplexes me.

So what is a good ad then? What’s an ad that’s worth spending money on?

I came across Kevin Roberts’ (CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi) love marks philosophy on brands and was taken aback by it. I seem to agree that we engage more with advertisers who tell us how to feel than those who tell us how to think. It’s about speaking to people’s emotions stupid for that’s how you build lasting relationships. That’s why we were so flabbergasted when Damon Stapleton (Advertising legend and Executive Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatch Australia) decided to follow us on twitter. Follow his blog @ http://www.bizcommunity.com/Blog/DamonStapleton or twitter feed @D_Stapleton

Damon Stapleton

Damon Stapleton

10 Followers in... and the legend himself!!!

10 Followers in… and the legend himself!!!

That’s why it is not surprising that an ad such as Apples’ ‘here’s to the crazy ones’ are so successful. For it spoke directly to my emotions, it inspired me and many others to act, motivated me and fuelled me with hope. For those reasons it shall be forever imprinted on my mind for all the right reasons enhancing Apples’ brand.

So what makes a good ad then? It connects with the person it’s trying to sell to. It sees them not only as a consumer but as a person. It speaks to their emotions rather than their logic. For people will always be inspired to act more by emotion than logic.

Signing out

The Rat

P.S we challenge MAC washing powder to give us an opportunity to pitch an advertising campaign for them! Otherwise, please check some cool ads on this link. http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/70-creative-advertisements-that-makes-you-look-twice/


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