Starving Creatives Are Sports Fans Too: From #Planking to #Pacquiaoing



So life is incredibly rough, brutal and tough at the bottom! With us chasing design jobs, but no jobs pending, no money and an epic feeling of low confidence; my business partner and I decided to do exactly what any two broke black men in the inner city Joburg would do at this point in our lives. We spent our last rent and food money on a premium subscription to DSTV! (If you’re not South African, this is the UK and US equivalent of Cable TV). More than 60 channels of quality entertainment to keep us busy, not working, unprogressive and of course firmly rooted to the bottom of the food chain!

So with our premium subscription well intact, this morning, for the first time we watched a legend… A boxing legend and an icon by the name of Manny Pacquiao. We watched as a man brutally dropped to the canvas face first and his dignity and legacy with him.

Pacquiao Knocked out

Watching Manny lying there got me thinking about our own situation. Two guys whom have worked themselves to the bone but life keeps delivering Juan Manual Marquez right hands that leave us pacquiaoing!

But… Manny got up he didn’t stay down, what makes Manny a legend is not his perfect record but his ability to get back up. Yes life is brutal and harsh but whenever we are Pacquiaoed by life we get up, for our desire to be the best creatives in SA is greater than any knock out punch life can deliver.

Signing out

The Rat

PS: What also has been incredible to observe, has been the social media phenomenon of #Pacquiaoing that was literally born less than 24hours ago (since the publishing of this post). If ever you were never familiar with the term “planking”, highly reliable, factual and accredited source Wikipedia tells us, “it is an activity consisting of lying face down —sometimes in an unusual or incongruous location. Both hands must touch the sides of the body.” Given Mr Pacquiao’s long public plank this morning, please can we welcome you to the Fad of the Week, PACQUIAOING! Enjoy the link






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