Branding, Mangaung & Drunken Immorality

SA President Jacob Zuma's Jacket remains well branded

SA President Jacob Zuma’s Jacket remains well branded

The life of a starving creative is tough as it is amazing. After securing our first job for a prison charity (Please check out this week, we decided to celebrate on Saturday night and Sunday night with money we simply don’t have! Infact, currently there is major tension caused by our excessive spending of money that we simply don’t have! Such is the cycle of poverty in Africa! But being the astute gentlemen that we are, we decided to spend our Saturday evening with some cool ad industry friends like, socialising and drinking with woman whose only common thread of conversation with us, was simply the fact that we all exist on planet earth. Not much mental stimulation was enjoyed by anyone, zero intellectual growth, but the escapism from our nut-crunching realities in underground Johannesburg is eventually what defines such nights.

After all, one has to desensitise themselves in South Africa whilst the almighty political conference of Mangaung takes place in our country.

In South Africa, one needs to understand that the time for the ANC’s eagerly awaited Mangaung conference has arrived! For all those in the creative industry who couldn’t really be bothered or understand what all the excitement is about, don’t stress your heads too much about it; neither do we! But a very reliable creative birdie told us that the entire leadership of the ANC in South Africa will be gathered to discuss the following topics:

–          The high unemployment rates in the creative industry for young black creatives

–          The lack of government oppurtunities being given to township graphic designers, artists and creatives in general

–          The high prices of software and resources needed by young creatives to be able to do their jobs properly (Internet data, cameras, Adobe Creative Suite, paint materials, Apple Mac PC’s, designer clothes, Louis Vuitton bags, Maybach Cars etc)

–          And most importantly, who will be nominated as the president of the world renowned megatropolis named the Republic of Nkandla (South Africa)

So with all these important topics in mind, watching this conference on national TV in South Africa is quite an experience for a starving creative team struggling to get any work. The visuals on the television are absolutely amazing! The entire conference and TV station are totally branded with the colours of the ruling party. EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! And what is our one question as starving creative of S & X?

ANC Branding EVERYWHERE! We're Jealous...

ANC Branding EVERYWHERE! We’re Jealous…

Black, Yellow and Green...

Black, Yellow and Green…

Which agencies got all this branding work? How did they get it? Where were we when the work was being pitched? How do we get a small little piece of the branding pie? Are we just not good enough? Anyone with answers, we await your assistance please.

But we’re in this for the long run. Here’s to our first job! Here’s to the future of creativity! Here’s to GREAT BRANDING!

Signing out, Mr S & X

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