Nandos to Launch a Divorce Meal

Disvorce never tasted so good...

Disvorce never tasted so good…

In a surprising move mega chicken fast food chain Nandos is to launch the divorce meal. Our @starvingcreatives reporter was there to investigate after obtaining a fraudulent press pass from Africa’s corruption capital (clearing throat) I mean Nkandla.

Spokesperson Sylvester Chauke explained in detail how the new product offering was aimed at the South Africa’s divorced families. “With South Africa’s divorce rate tipping over the 50% margin and with this new ‘esikhotana’ trend it is clear to see that South African families are a thing of the past (like Kgalema Motlanthe failed ANC presidential bid).”

The spokesperson went on to say, “people are tired of this family everything I mean we have the KFC family meal, McDonalds family box and so on and so forth. The new in thing is now divorce even Lekota is COPEING better after divorcing the ANC. Nandos will continue to stay abreast (pun intended) with current market trends.”


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