I Am Not Talented

Even Einstein didn't need talent

Even Einstein didn’t need talent

I’m not the most talented creative in the game. In fact I’m pretty talent –less, I can’t draw to save my life and I lack the ability to effectively express myself. I’m no standard creative, I don’t dress like one, act as one nor do I talk like one. In fact these creatives are as foreign to me as Vaseline is to Jub Jub but allow me to design.

So why would you give your business to this talent-less starving creative? This is after all Johannesburg where there are plenty of talented young people, plenty of the right looking creative, kitted out with their I’m outside the system t-shirts.

But yet I want to be the man you trust with your most valuable business commodity; your brand. Not because of any talent I might or might not have at my disposal but simply because SandX works harder than anyone else. Talent isn’t everything especially in the nut crushing industry that is the creative industry where you are only as good as your last job. Sweat, dedication and hard work are what keep you at the top.

My business partner has pulled through a week where he has slept less than half than the required eight hours of sleep per night for the week including no sleeping at all last night. See talent isn’t what gets a man to starve himself of precious sleep to get the job done, it’s those two un-sexy words known as hard work.

It’s time SandX stopped trying to be sexy for sexy is for the talented and I’m not talented. It’s time I rolled up my sleeves and got the job done for I am not be talented but I have the ability to work harder than anyone else. I’m not talented but let me design

Signing out

The Rat


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