We Don’t Feel It – The Afcon is NOT Here

The fans used to sing in stadiums

The fans used to sing in stadiums

It’s AFCON time again (the same tournament we had this time last year a little over kill I say) and quite frankly it’s hard to contemplate. With very little brand exposure, it’s difficult to fathom that there’s a major tournament happening right now in South Africa.

Back in 1996 when we first hosted the tournament, there was great excitement; the country had just emerged from decades of oppression and there was a sense of unity amongst the citizen of the country. Fast forward to 2013 however and you can’t help but appreciate the vast poverty that is experienced in January, the devastating unemployment rate and the general brutality of life that everyone is feeling. This sad reality has left the same united citizens of 1996 with a feeling of who cares really in 2013.

But even with such disappointing foreplay (that would turn off even the most aroused amongst us), no one could have predicted such a dismal performance from our boys. There was neither passion in their movements nor desires on the faces.

Glory days gone

Glory days gone

The mindless blowing of that bloody vuvuzela which in my opinion has robbed us of the atmosphere of yesteryear where the singing in the stadium brought about a sense of comradery was the final straw as I switched channels to watch the Lance Armstrong interview.

It’s here but hey who gives a damn if it is?

Signing out,

The Rat


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