FNB’s Sarafina Advertising Stunt Bombs

FNB “You can help advert” An advert or political statement

So FNB have launched and semmingly unlaunched its you can help campaign. The campaign was instigated with an emphatic live broadcast on most of our major channels which were broadcasting at the same time for maximum effect. It was a moving advert delivered by a young girl dressed in what I can only describe as Sarafina (the movie) attire. But for all the emotion the advert evoked what was its fundamental purpose?

FNB Brand or Sarafina promotion?

FNB Brand or Sarafina promotion?

There seemed to be a blurred line between a call to “arms” to help build a better country and a sales pitch for FNB. The campaign was billed as the “you can help” campaign but seemingly I for one am unaware as to how?

The advert has courted ferocious criticism from the big bully known as the ANC. This is something FNB should have predicted especially since this is not the first time FNB has been summoned into the headmaster’s office. In 2007 FNB launched its campaign against crime that former president Thabo Mbeki was not very impressed with. The campaign was promptly scrapped after what was termed as “productive meetings” with the ANC. Alas history has repeated its self and the same thing has occured once again.

I’m not sure whether or not FNB was trying to make a political statement (I’ll let you decide) but I’m also not sure of what FNB was trying to achieve? If you gonna be contentious in order to gain maximum publicity then grow a pair and deal with the consequences. It had the potential to be epic now it just reads; FNB’s we need help to grow some balls campaign.


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