Did Brand SA Rock AFCON?

Hillbrow was on fire as Nigeria won the AFCON

Hillbrow was on fire as Nigeria won the AFCON

AFCON 2013- Look Mom, I passed I got 4 out of 10!

It’s all over AFCON has come and vanished from our shores and now that the dust has settled the starving creatives unpack the tournament for we have nothing better to do.

It all kicked off in a wet and cold Soccer city where Ringo with his legendary gap sang his heart out to a half empty or half full stadium depending on your point of view and Bafana Bafana delivered the most inept performance in recent memory. We thought it was over, but AFCON came to life in the beautiful coastal town of Durban, the 2-0 victory over Angola was in all probability South Africa’s most complete performance of the last decade. We were all motivated now and we were left on the edge of our seats as we narrowly made it through to the quarter finals. Then the quarter finals came and the singing of the national anthem was electrifying the country came to a stand still and our boys played their hearts out in that first half. The second half came and it brought with it the real Bafana Bafana our movements were sloppy and we allowed Mali back into the game. It all came down to a penalty shoot out, and the epic miss by Majoro summed it up best, we have it on record that a special investigation unit is still searching for the missing ball. Alas we were knocked and the dream was over far earlier than we would have preferred.

1. My Stand out team for the Tournament 

Cape Verde

This tiny island nicknamed the ‘blue sharks’ of about 450 000 people (less than the population of a small town like Pietermaritzburg) were making their AFCON debut after slaying the might Cameroon team. Lead by a former air traffic controller this team showed that sometimes heart and not skill wins the day.

2. Worst team of the Tournament

Ivory Coast

This man sums up the seriousness of Ivory Coasts campaign at AFCON 2013

This man sums up the seriousness of Ivory Coasts campaign at AFCON 2013… Just look at him

The elephants as they are affectionately known probably have the best squad of super stars of any African team of all time (big statement but I stand by it). Yet again they failed to perform when the lights were on kind of like the hot girl at the party that flirts with everyone but fails to deliver when the music dies down.

3. Biggest Disappointments

Mbombela Stadium & Chomee’s Music Video

The beach sand and brown grass just made us look bad! Chomee’s terrible attempt at a publicity stunt music video could possibly have been the lowest moment for the country in years. The national brand took a beating here, but we’ll always love Chomee for her efforts.

4. Special Mention


Were these guys high or are all these match fixing allegations true? The worst referring of any tournament for a very long time!

That’s my two cents on AFCON and of course a big congratulations to Hillbrow (Nigeria) for winning this year’s edition! Probably deserved winners in the end, overall a solid tournament certainly never reached the highs of 2010 but no one expected it to.

Did Brand SA rock AFCON 2013? We weren’t really moved. Some cute and fun moments, but in the end, nothing really epic for the country to remember. No big Superbowl ad moments, no great romance stories besides Cape Verde, and generally the hunger we saw from the country in 2010 was missing. I give AFCON 2013 a solid 4 out of 10! A very good Grade 12 pass by today’s standards!  

Signing out, Mat “the Rat” Mkhize

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