African Art Leaders: Nomusa Mtshali Breaksdown Clive Sithole in a Few Sentances

Whilst studying Fine Art at UKZN, I was fortunate enough to have met an experienced some studio time with one of my favorite local artists called Clive Sithole. His work has been profiled on respected media platforms such as SABC 3’s Top Billing and he has exhibited with the best of them. A good friend of mine named Nomusa Mtshali once wrote a beautiful piece about his amazing work. Below is the short piece she wrote and a description of some of Clives work and perspective. Enjoy, learn and investigate more about one of our finest creative minds in South Africa


Clive (left) and some of his work

Clive Sithole is an internationally well-known Ceramicist. Since 1997 his prominence led to an invitation to attend ceramic classes at the Babumbi Clay Project, a ceramics project which helped enhance his career in the art industry.

Sithole was born in Soweto, Gauteng where he developed love of fashion Design. He attended the London International School of Fashion Design in Johannesburg and established a fashion business. After relocating to Durban he developed a career in ceramics.

Combining ceramics and painting Clive Sithole expresses anarchic Identity in a society predisposed by hybridity. Sithole’s Solo exhibition questions particularly Black Woman in a modern society and there perception of beauty. He believes that the perception of beauty leave Black Woman in a vacuum in which they lack self-pride instated they create the mask which is appropriate to the perception of beauty.

He questions all of these concerns through painting. They are expressed using edgy sketchily yet raw painting.
“I like to paint on brown paper because of its natural texture and colour” enlightening Clive Sithole. He argues that how one can be proud of what they are not. “Has any one come across a bull with feathers? A bull is comfortable in its own skin” This is one of the questions he raises in some of his many solo exhibitions.

An example of Clive's creative work

An example of Clive’s creative work called “Stripped” that was once at the Tatham Art Gallery in Pietermaritzburg

Clives work is known and appreciated internationally. He adds texture and perspective to the South African creative landscape and is certainly the embodiment of a true South African artist we can all look up to and embrace as one of our own

Nomusa Mtshali is the Curator and Visual Art Coordinator at the Creative Block Art Gallery in the beautiful 70 Juta Street block in Braamfontein Johannesburg. She is herself a passionate artist and a graduate from the Fine Art school at the Durban University of Technology

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"Pot" by Clive Sithole

“Pot” by Clive Sithole



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