Augmented Reality: A Stupid Sports Answer to A Stupid Sports Question


Well, we are all entitled to our opinion… but facts are facts according to Mike

Boxing is big money. Boxing is HUGE Money. And in todays boxing world, there is no bigger media extravaganza than a Floyd Mayweather fight in Boxing today. So in a pointless and opinionated blog post about sports main show business attraction, I answered an absolutely nonsensical question, with my own personal brand of nonsensical intelligence. And somehow, I think my answer lay somewhere between utter rubbish and absolutely educated nonsense.

So in my incredibly busy email, I was encountered with the following question from a very good friend.

Random question:

 I’ve only just recently started taking notice of Mayweather. F**k America and their different time zone. Can’t even watch basketball. Anyway…

Here’s my question: Assuming Tyson and Mayweather were in the same weight division, who do you think would take it and why? Do you think it would be decided on points or a KO?

You strike me as a Mayweather fan and I’m guessing you have some opinion on this topic or have heard boxing analysts express their views.

I've covered the sensitive details. Atleast his details will be hidden for eternity after this but the world will know I spent time to responds. We both lost here!

The deadly email above. I’ve covered the sensitive details. Atleast his details will be hidden for eternity after this but the world will know I spent time to responds. We both lost here!

So basically, If the two Pay-Per-View giants of world boxing were to meet in augmented reality, in their prime, both magically at the same weight and amazingly at the same damn time, who would win?


My Answer:

Sorry.. I had to wait for a time when I was also incredibly bored and totally not busy to respond to this. Infact, I needed to be so mentally dead that my mind would have to comprehend by itself how it could thumb-suck something as equally nonsensical yet as interesting as your question.

The question, is rather fun to play around with though even though there is no point to it. Some how, it gives one the same feeling you get when you try to fix a Rubiks Cube and it becomes incredibly apparent that your mission is pointless but so fantastically fun. But however impractical the question, I am always one to rely on the power of a good mental excercise.

But fact number one for my good friend; you need to realize  Tyson was a Heavyweight and Floyd is a little Welterweight. Tyson was a big, big guy and Floyd is a small, small guy. Really small in comparison. Infact, in the boxing world, it is illegal to match them up against each other as it would be an utter mis-match. Science and alot of other over-rated human measurement standards inform us of this.

However, Floyd has never lost a fight. Every single fight I have ever seen him fight (all 6 fights since De La Hoya, which of course now make me an expert on boxing and Floyd’s career) have gone the same way. The first two rounds, he looks like he is one the back foot, but he is basically studying and stalking his opponent. From round three, the opponent simply punches and misses until the twelfth round when he loses or until he gets so frustrated that he makes a mistake and Floyd capitalizes.

Numbers dont lie

Numbers dont lie

Tyson was an animal like Manny Pacquiao. That’s why the world wanted to see Floyd vs Manny so much. Floyd is the best at self-defence and Pacquiao (on his day) is the best at attack like Iron Mike Tyson at his peak. But the reality is that guys like Tyson and Pacquiao are brawlers and not artists. They are more like street fighters that technicians of the sport. They want to engage in a fist fight, they want to bleed and they want the fans to see blood and get their Money’s worth. Floyd will run away for 12 rounds and sucker punch you and simply win the fight. Oh yes, and he laughs all the way to the bank at the end of all this

And at 44-0, he simply knows how to win boxing matches.

Everything on the same plane, Floyd would have outsmarted Tyson. To quote Floyd himself, the champ and reigning Pound For Pound champion of the world says:

44 tried against Floyd Mayweather, 44 came short.

You simply cannot argue against that record. Tyson is better off eating peoples children on this one.

That’s our piece and tell them you heard it from Simphiwe Xulu aka @Mr_MediaX on Twitter.

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Since this blog wasn’t about learning anything, please share a quick laugh and see some of Mike Tyson funniest interviews below. We guarantee the laughter.


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