A Letter from One Young Man to Another by Writer, Sixolile Luyanda Gcingca

Always talking, never any change. Is this what the video above reiterates about young South Africa? With the One Young World conference around the corner, our guest writer for this week is certainly not pleased with the state of affairs of young people in South Africa. OYW is focused on energising young people to continue to be creative and passionate about being the advocates of change and innovation in our worlds future. The eyes of the world will be on South Africa and writer Luyanda Gcingca felt a need to express his concern about the current state of affairs with the youth leadership of South Africa

Every young person that is either working or owns a business in South Africa has a fathering role to play in this country whether they believe that or not. This is the country that we have inherited and the decisions that we make now will influence the future that we share and believe it or not, it will be shared. It seems that we have yet to realize just how blessed we are as the youth of this country and just how much of an opportunity we have to take this country to the next level.

NYDA CEO is currently suspended. When does the work begin and the corruption end?

The NYDA CEO is currently suspended. When does the work begin and the corruption end?

As it stands, we will never fully appreciate just how precious a gift we have if things carry on the way they are.

The very youth structures stray from their mandates (developing youth assets) and spend resources so unscrupulously. These are the same resources that are meant to be used to bring the youth into the mainstream economy. Instead we hear of them organizing youth events that have no discernable outcomes.

This makes me very angry, because through these actions, the youth is repeatedly receiving this message “you have a right to become dumb and insipid creatures – who if choose to do so – can become nothing and do nothing”, and they deserve better than that.

I would think that the main purpose of a youth organization would be to concern itself with the needs of the youth.  My idea of youth organizations is one that says that youth organization are there to empower the youth. Let me elaborate on that point. We have young people in this country that genuinely could benefit from the resources that these youth organizations have. These are the young that are not privileged enough to be able to afford a good school or can hardly afford to buy the necessary equipment that they need to carry out their studies. There are also some youths out there that would love to start their own businesses but do not have capital to do so (good ideas and no capital).

Things are not well. The youth remain angry and frustrated

Things are not well. The youth remain angry and frustrated

If only the youth organizations would stop involving themselves in things that don’t necessarily concern them as much they would have the time to see to the apparent needs of the youth. I am yet to randomly meet or be approached by someone who either works or is involved in these youth development shells. This war is lost to them, for you cannot win a without foot soldiers in the line of fire. What I am saying is we have many “Generals” and no army.

We are building nothing and tearing it down at the same time, one has to wonder what we are to expect from this generation in 20 years’ time. We have so much more to offer then our ability to spend every single cent that we make (notice I said ‘make’ and not ‘earn’), we have not earned it yet. We now have a considerable amount of money going through black hands than ever before. We are getting the opportunities that our parents could only ever dream of.

We have the opportunity to build a nation and instead some of us young people are taking this opportunity to milk the cow for all its worth – never mind the fact that this is the cow that has managed to keep you from starving to death all your life, and it needs to stay that way.

This is as close as you can get to having your cake and eating it! We want to have the cake, eat and still have enough to throw at each other’s faces.

It seems that the advent of success has made us think or feel like we are in-penetrable or invincible or something, like money is who we are. As a result, it has become an extension of our ego. Our identities are shaped by it – a piece of paper that you exchange for something that you believe to be of value to you.

Another way our leaders should look at success

Another way our leaders should look at success

I meet a lot of people that have for some odd reason – due to the fact that they are now making more money than me – decided to treat me a whole lot different. Some of those I considered to be friends, people we used to dream with. All of a sudden, they believe and treat themselves as if they are of a different. They ‘hang’ with people whom they never did whilst they were ‘at your level’. It is as if we need this lie in our lives to survive and convince ourselves that we are important to someone else if not ourselves. We look to Hollywood as a barometer. Having and owning the world is what our ambition is about, but working and getting money is the main objective. And at the end of the day, all you will have is the money, because no matter how rich you become, that void will never be fulfilled by money. The money that you think will fill it, is the very same thing that is draining that hole. Our definition of success is what we need to address, because that is the anchor upon which the ship rests. Without it, we are lost to the world of shopping malls and show rooms.

That’s our piece and tell them you heard it from Simphiwe Xulu aka @Mr_MediaX on Twitter. Below is a video of the One Young World conference that is coming to South Africa in 2013. It is an good example of the challenges that young South Africa needs to deal with in the near future. There really is no more time for corruption.

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2 responses to “A Letter from One Young Man to Another by Writer, Sixolile Luyanda Gcingca

  1. Very Blunt and Vivid article man . I’m the Youth that is being screwed up watching . This is what we experience everyday . Most of people come from different provinces . NYDA is their last hope . I’m also a youth with an idea but I keep it locked fearing that I’ll be knocked off my idea. I respect that you wrote such .

  2. Thanks so much 🙂 Its time we are all part of the solution. All young people that is. We’re too relaxed about the state of things and that allows our leaders to get away with being irresponsible…

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