Meet The Talented Mr Dboy

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Dboy, one of the most talented individuals that I have encountered in recent times

In the constant search for awesomeness, every now and then we come across some incredibly talented creative individuals. Its not every day you run into kids who will possibly shape the future of the African continent and the world through their ability to use their unique skill sets for the betterment of society. DBoy is one such individual. @Daniel_DTWK on Twitter, the soft spoken and multi-talented Cameroonian wonder boy is a producer, songwriter, musician and qualified Architect currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. His first official single titled Dance Till We Kolo (featuring popular DRC artists Don K 1st) debuted on Channel O in early August 2013 and has already seen some airtime on the popular African reality show Big Brother.

With song-writing credits for South African music legend Dr Victor and other local artists, Dboy shares a few minutes with us here at Starving  Creatives. Mr Dance Till We Kolo is clearly ready for a continental take over.

What’s up Dboy. Please explain who you are and what do you do?

Daniel “Dboy” Lyonga is a Cameroon-born artist. I’m a Singer, Songwriter and Producer, presently pushing my production company called “Double D’s Productions”.

MJ, one of the main influences behind Dboy

MJ, one of the main influences behind Dboy

Please elaborate on your background?

I grew up in Cameroon. I was also a lover of music from a tender age and I wasinspired by the great Micheal Jackson – cliché, I know – but other artists such as Boyz II Men, R Kelly and many more influenced me. I won a Canal D’or Award in Cameroon for Best R&B and Hip Hop with my group XLM 4 Real. I thenmigrated to South Africa 2005. I’m now a qualified Architect after going through many diligent years of study. Music always took the back seat, but now that school is over, I’m fully focused on giving it a try professionally.

As musicians, we have a platform to communicate by entertaining and even addressing world issues as our voices get heard by millions – Dboy

What themes do you pursue in music?

As a producer/songwriter, I’m very versatile in terms of genres which also have a great influence on the theme of songs. Pop gets written in a certain way, so is R&B and Reggae. I adopt different characters when I write songs. Life has different facets to it and music must embody that aspect.

Dboy 1

Dboy is proving that when the mind is clear on its objectives, great work can be accomplished #DTWK

What do you dislike about the music world?

It’s often associated to negative aspects such as drugs and alcohol. Because of what we do as entertainers, we often get exposed to these elements.

Name three artists you’d like to be compared to?

Babyface, Neyo, Bob Marley

Professionally, what’s your ultimate goal?

To contribute to the African music scene. And through the projects which I will put forward, there will be a better platform for African producers and artists.

That’s our piece and tell them you heard it from Simphiwe Xulu aka @Mr_MediaX on Twitter and my partner in crime Matt “The Rat” Mkhize. Below is the trailer video for Dboy’s “Dance Till We Kolo” music video which will be online soon. He’ll also be launching a Tumblr blog and YouTube channel within the very near future. The standard has been set, so lets watch Dboy reach for the stars.


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