Lazer and Cloud Music in a Digital Era


The young Cape Town born MC Lazer is ready to take things to the next level

Music is reflection of self, we just explain it – Eminem (Sing for the Moment)

With these words from his early 2000’s smash hit “Sing for the Moment”, Hip Hop artist Eminem tries to sum up the multifaceted definition of what music is to him. In an age that has seen a whole new restructure and business model in the music industry, music continues to be redefined, repackaged and innovatively redistributed the world over. But at its core base, there is no doubt that it seems to have always helped relay a message from a musical artist to his fan base.

In South Africa, many talented young hip hop artists have embraced the art form to do as Marshal Mathers had explained – create and explain reflection of self.


Style?... Check! Lyrics?... Check? Next to blow?... Lazer says he's ready

Style?… Check! Lyrics?… Check? Next to blow?… Lazer says he’s ready

Meet Leletu ‘Lazer’ Nohayi; an energetic creative wordsmith who channels his message powerfully through music. His chosen expression has been that of Hip Hop and he appears to have a passion and approach to this highly competitive music genre that could easily make him The Last Man Standing in his mission to change the game. In the digital era that we find ourselves in, Lazer and the other leaders of the new school of music are totally embracing all new technologies that are at the tip of their fingers.

No longer just sitting back and waiting for deals to come to them, through intelligent usage of social media and online distribution channels, Lazer and his ambitious team of young hustlers and go-gettersare hell-bent on setting the internet on fire just to get their voices heard. With his partner – trendy style kid, sneaker fanatic and blogger iamstunner  (@iam_Stunner on Twitter) – Lazer seems ready to lead this fresh new wave of South African music artists and establish himself solidly on the risky digital sphere. The magic potion? Simply releasing venomous hit singles and constant quality material. We caught up with him in these early stages of his potentially huge career, as he embarks on his mission to connect to all the people who he knows need to hear his story. With his first single “We Ride” currently doing the rounds, this is a short 5 question reflection of himself through music, and here is how he explains it…

Lazer’s Background…

Well I was born in Cape Town, Langa. My background  as far as music basically, is I’ve always been a huge lover of music from quite a tender age before I could even understand it and it’s been that way ever since.


We Ride - The new single by Lazer available here

We Ride – The new single by Lazer available here

On the role musicians have in society and the themes he pursues in music…

I think the type of music musicians make has a heavy influence on all of society, so it’s rather crucial that some of that music has a positive attitude.I have my own theme that I created for the music I make called cloud music, it’s basically music of elevation, as you listen your automatically uplifted cause its zoning music.

On responses to his music work…

Music is my bliss, my escape.  I live, eat and breathe music because through music I can exercise my creativity and art.Right now a few Radio stations are putting the first single we put out on blast and people have been showing love on social networks. A lot of blogs and websites all over the country have been putting my artist profile and the music on blast too, so the response is positive.

On loneliness in his art and music…

It’s not lonely at all, it actually brings a lot of people your way because people always want to be part of a movement, plus I love socialising with people.

Big Dreams. Lots expected from Lazer...

Big Dreams and lots is clearly expected from Lazer…

His dream project and what he wants to achieve…

For now my dream project is perfecting the BESTDONEWELL (Mixtape). I want it to be a classic! For long term, it’s the business ventures my partner and I are currently embarking on.I want to be a recognizable figure and I want to be respected for my work ethic.

Definetly a big pleasure to share some space with the ambitious Lazer. Follow Lazer on Twitter @this_is_LAZER and download his new single “We Ride” on

That’s our piece and tell them you heard it from Simphiwe Xulu aka @Mr_MediaX on Twitter.



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