#ANN7 – Who Says News Isn’t a Laughing Matter? Part 2

ANN7 Bunnie Sheena Deepnarain

ANN7 Bunnie Sheena Deepnarain

Mat “The Rat” Mkhize continues his disturbingly funny analysis on new 24 hour news channel ANN7 in part 2 of his article…

The channel claims it has over 70 journalists with international broadcast backgrounds, but so far it’s clear that experienced and seasoned pros are starkly in the minority. Over the weekend, at least one experienced journalist is known to have tendered their resignation already – less than a week after the launch. The remainder of the seasoned pros must be thinking “what have I done”, because their colleagues appear to have been assembled at random from the call list at some “B” grade model agency.

No doubt the channel’s young women will improve with time, but at the moment their delivery is shameful and darn right embarrassing, as if we were listening to a bunch of Grade 1’s having their first attempt at this thing called “reading”. Their weather girls also require a crash course in Geography; one gave the temperatures for both Polokwane and Pietersburg on Sunday. Another pointed firmly at Botswana while discussing Mpumalanga.

They specialize in gently caressing the weather map in a non-specific sort of way, letting their hands airily drift around about five different provinces at once.

ANN7 are playing games with people weather...

ANN7 are playing games with people weather…

Even for a egotistical fart like me, it’s hard not to feel sorry for these young ladies. Both ENCA’s and SABC’s 24 hour channels took years of planning, with months of dry runs. ANN7 had only a few weeks of practice, and many of their on-camera staff are clearly inexperienced and nervous, being let down by shoddy technical work, and they are being fed to the wolves.

There can be no sweetening the fact that the channel is currently experiencing some major problems. Currently the channel has no paid ads, let’s hope that government doesn’t fit the advertising bill like the Gupta’s other media outlet the New Age, where government spent over R75 million in the first year – even though the publication has no audited circulation numbers.

If you looking for in-depth news, ANN7 is not for you – but if on the other hand you are looking for a little comical relief served up by Mzansi’s finest young women – then look no further than ANN7 (Channel 405 on DSTV).

That’s our piece and tell them you heard it from Matt “The Rat” Mkhize. 

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Big ups to http://www.dailymaverick.co.za for giving us alot of the secret files on our dear ANN7.


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