Hug a Zulu Today | Zanoxolo Mkhize Examines The Zulu Film, Food & Arts Festival

In our spirit of spreading the pride of South Africa’s long feared and long loved Zulu nation, we have gone right down into the mysterious jungles of KwaZulu-Natal to bring you a piece of writing by one of the only Zulu men to have never owned a spear. Yes, as a small little teaser to feed your content starving membranes, we’ve sourced out award-winning poet, writer, beer lover, known to his friends as The One Who has Bled and self acclaimed “Defender of All Things Zuluism”, Mr Zanoxolo Mkhize. Zano is a reincarnation of the spear of Shaka Zulu and also a tour guide at the world renowned  Zululand Fort Nonqgayi Museum Village of Eshowe.  With the upcoming Zulu Film, Food and Arts Festival just around the corner, who better than The One Who Has Bled to give a quick insight into this upcoming cultural  indulgence starring the beloved/feared and satirized Zulu nation

Our young Zulu correspondent Zanoxolo Mkhize gives us his take on the Zulu Film, Food & Arts Festival

Our young Zulu correspondent Zanoxolo Mkhize gives us his take on the Zulu Film, Food & Arts Festival

What can we say, times have changed and Zulu folk now have festivals. Not imcimbi – not the wanton slaughter of bovines! But festivals! This is highly amusing for me given the fact that we are a people firmly grounded in ceremonies dedicated to ancestors and the belief in our all-powerful herbalists, magicians and witch-doctors.

With all due respect to the honourable Mr Ntuthuko Shezi, but which Zulu herbalist did he consult? And what herb did he ignite for the blessing of this ‘Zulu Film, Food and Arts Festival’?

This just shows how times have made the minds of hill dwellers and cattle breeders evolve. Now! What if our illustrious Shaka Zulu came back to all this extravaganza, happening in all places Johannesburg? A place where his language has been diluted like whiskey dashed with lemonade. What amazes me the most is how Shezi talks about highlighting the ‘talent’ of the Zulu people, something he says does not need much showcasing? To put a delicate matter into perspective, youths in some far flung area of KZN stabbed each other for the love of Zulu Maskandi music, and a passionate fan resurrected Mgqumeni from the dead! Now men who know little about ‘incumbe’ and the gathering of ‘isayngcobe’ have found it fit to make a spectacle of the Zulu culture. And in earnest this festival will show more of the same, Zulu men lifting their limbs dressed in fake skins of animals they have never seen!

God bless them. The film festival has alot of perceptions to change

God bless them. The Zulu Food, Film and Arts Festival has alot of perceptions to change

All in all I am a ‘bhinca’ (ibhinca – a rural undeveloped man of extreme proportions. The equivalent of a caveman in western culture ) and despite my primitive surroundings, I am impressed and strangely fascinated by ‘Sgananda’ and his venture. Let this festival be what it hopes to achieve and clog the mouths of nay-sayers such as me! This is an attempt at bringing knowledge and positive light on people often associated wild tempers and short stabbing spears – not forgetting their polygamous activities and taxi empires. Let’s hope this festival improves the complicated but often intricate lives of the people ruled by ‘Ubejana ophuma esqiwini’ his majesty Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu! Ngiyayibinda Nkosi!!

Otherwise, in the words of Ndumiso Ngcobo, “Hug a Zulu Today”! Book your tickets to the festival here

Or checkout more developments closer to the date on their website here

7 December - Zulu Festival

7 December – Zulu Festival


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