The Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following | TEDxSoweto

We've been hard at work

We’ve been hard at work

Truth is, we’ve been really slack these days. But modern life in Johannesburg can get really, really tough for a bunch of rural dwellars like us. So much has happened since our last post and our regular 7 readers have been kept in the dark about so many cool new things. We attended the Tech4Africa conference in Sunninghill; Matts erratic views on politics got him into some trouble with readers at News 24; we’re getting kicked out of our Braamfontein loft and heading for the rural – really rural – suburbs on the outskirts of the Kalahari desert in a place they call “the Eastrand”; I got a freelance gig trying to pose as an important industry writer at; and generally, alot of messed up things happened.

Working hard is great, being lazy sometimes is great, but failed potential is the worst – Campbell Scott

But as the cool and origional writers we are, we’ve been alerted that TEDxSoweto will be in town this week and have gathered  a list of the speakers and their Twitter accounts. So why not just use this as an oppurtunity to share some advise on The Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following. Alll the following information was compiled by the good people at TEDxSoweto and in true African mentality (or unAnfrican, depending on which South African president you prefer), we took the list from the TED website and posted it on our own site – and thus we expect to take full credit for our sheer ingenious.

So lets break it down like ht girls to a monster...

So lets break it down like hot girls to a monster…

Thus, below is the official Starving Creatives list of The Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

SANDILE NGCOBO, Inventor of the Digital Laser – SIKE!!! He’s not on Twitter. so you’ll just need to do some old fashioned Googling here. Now lets get seious!

Gavin Mageni, Design Provocateur @GFM0202

ROLIE NIKIWE, TV & Film Director @RolieNikiwe

VERNA VAN SCHAIK, World Record Holder for Scuba Diving @Vernav

MILES KUBHEKA, Entrepreneur @Vuyobeegdreamer

MOHAMMED JOGIE, Co-founder of Mandela Poster Project @mjogie

JARED MOLKO, YouTube Evangelist @Jared_Molko

BOTLHALE TSHETLO, Cake Couturist @TlhaleD

PREETESH SEWRAJ, Brand Archaeologist @iPreetesh

ANTHONY COHEN, Social Networking Innovator @Mygeni


PIPPA TSHABALALA, Gaming Specialist @UnexpectedPippa

JACQUES SEBISAHO, Medical Doctor, Humanitarian @sebisaho

BANKS GWAXULA, Educator, Community Leader @UbuntuFund

MABOGOSHI SYLVIA MATLALA, Media Researcher @mabogoshi

MOCKE J VAN VEUREN, Experimental Filmmaker @mockej

MIKE MAPHOTO, Author of ‘Diary of a Zulu Girl’ @Diaryofazulugal

FARREN ROPER, Technologist @FarrenRoper

XOLISA DYESHANA, Creative Director @XolisaDyeshana


That confirm our list of people you MUST be following on Twitter. TEDxSoweto will take place on Saturday 2 November at the Soweto Theatre. If your mind is worth anything special and you’ve got a serious passion for innovative stuff, check it out and book your tickets to the event here

That’s our piece and tell them you heard it from Simphiwe Xulu aka @Mr_MediaX on Twitter right here on 


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    • Thanks so much… We’ll be launching a new blog soon. Hit me up with a follow on Twitter @Mr_MediaX & I’ll follow back. Rolie is simply inspirational for sure!!! Amazing guy

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