Geekulcha and the Art of Technology

Geekulcha Founder Mixo Fortune

Geekulcha Founder Mixo Fortune

We want to create a culture of creativity, a culture of young people who are not afraid to think out of the box and beyond. So far so good – Founder of Geekulcha, Mixo Ngoveni.

Started in 2012 under the name INNOvatorz.IT, Geekulcha is a fast growing tech community for young people in South Africa. They encourage a strong culture of innovation, inspiration and collaboration amongst young great minds.

“I wanted to encourage students to be Innovators and for them to put their skills to work.”

Although still a BTech student at TUT, his strong desire to change perceptions about the tech industry has seen his company quickly build a cool reputation amongst students for hosting social-nights, hackathons and an array of other activities that draw interested folk into their world. However, he does still feel that a large disconnect exists between the Arts and Technology “We would love to see the two worlds collaborating and creating awesome tech that embraces art… we are busy experimenting with it the moment.”

Besides regularly working with designers when it comes to interface design for App development, Geekulcha were also responsible for coalescing an IT “Geek Poet” and a graffiti artist/beat-boxer into the same room during TEDxPretoria earlier this year. He views the possibilities of the arts and technology working together as endless.

Creative people just have a different way of thinking and expressing themselves. They are able to free their minds from restrictions and that allows them to come up with really cool, creative things

2013 has already seen Geekulcha share the stage at some of the most significant idea sharing platforms such as TEDxPretoria, the SA Innovation Summit and the recent Tech4Africa conference. With an App to be launched in January 2014, Mixo wants to reach out to the creative world and allow regular communication and a progressive relationship to exist between both worlds. “In truth, collaboration and partnerships are just waiting to happen

Some of the Kool crew at mLab

Some of the Kool crew at mLab

To find out more about Geekulcha’s checkout their Website & Youtube Page

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