About Starving Creatives


Starving Creatives is a blog run and started by 2 young clueless individuals and creatives, Mat “the Rat” Mkhize (Writer and Budding Billionaire) and Simphiwe “@Mr_Media” Xulu (Creative Soul, Leader of the njeVolution & the NEXT BIG THING). As veterans in many failed businesses, many failed start-ups and masters of accumulating debt, this blog serves to provide insight on our new found expertise as masters in all things branding, advertising and media.

Most importantly though, the concept of our blog is to also create a platform and a voice for all young creative people in the media industry we meet every single day. Be it freelancers or contracted creatives! We’re talking artists, musicians, poets, writers, videographers, photographers, producers and even architects who just want that one big chance.. Anyone whoever wanted to make it in the creative industry and keeps running into different obstacles.

Hopefully you’ll laugh with us, cry with us, get depressed with us, fight with us, support us and eventually, celebrate victory with us. Our approach is a BIG MIDDLE FINGER to stupidity and one big thumbs up to all starving creatives without a voice!


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